Portlogic Systems Inc.

About Us

Since its inception in 2006, Portlogic Systems Inc. has been providing the latest mobile and Internet software solutions including; electronic payments, marketing delivery and community communication systems. Portlogic Systems Inc. (PGSY.PK) was originally founded as a web 2.0 software developer and solutions provider. The company developed enterprise community management software, with dedicated server networks in both North America and Europe.

Most recently, Portlogic has been leveraging its expertise by advising and coordinating the implementation of the latest enterprise mobile applications. Mobile application offerings provide secure front-end user interfaces and back-end server side-data management, administration, and consolidation. The company mission is to continually focus on the research and development of the most convenient and advanced tools used to receive and deliver information and manage daily tasks on mobile devices. Through licensing agreements and developer partnerships the company continues to expand its product offerings to Include mobile content and application delivery such as ticketing, payment, workflow and marketing software solutions.

Mobile application usage and revenues continues to grow as users progressively rely on the convenience of using their mobile phone for daily operations. Portlogic System's experience in managing scalable enterprise software solutions, whereby multiply users communicate and conduct transactions, allows it to capitalize on the needs of companies seeking a robust solution. Portlogic Systems continues to identify software technologies and services that have the potential to revolutionize the way consumers interact with the world around them.

Telephone: +1 786-924-4200
Email: corp @portlogicsystems.com
2 Toronto Street, Suite 209
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5C 2B5